Presented by Misty Hunt:

The Dispezery

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This project is something that was originally designed to appeal to only one class of people, can be changed to impact a much larger scale audience that can be enjoyed by all now.
As a collector of said pieces who has a passion for art this piece excites me just to share to everyone that these have a rich history of what true inclusivity really means.

  • All sides and roof will be lined with Blue/ Green/ Pink/ Purple neon rope lighting.
  • Inside will be lit by black light LEDs to illuminate the black light art inside.
  • Each wall on the outside will have various sizes of canvas art mounted securely.
  • Inside will have black light canvas art, along with a secure shelf to display smaller art pieces and contained with a plexiglass cover.

Display shelf

Example 1

Example 2

Inside Will also have 2 black boards so everyone can draw their own art, and on the other side will have one board for more areas for everyone to add art.

Wheel is in process!!

3D printed swag to be dispensed when the wheel is turned.

On one side inside will be a book on a shelf for everyone to add words for others to read.